What They’re Saying After the Spirit’s Third Win a Row

Washington Spirit  |   April 15, 2024
What They’re Saying After the Spirit’s Third Win a Row Featured Image

Adrián González



On watching the team recover from the early deficit, especially against a Houston Dash team with such a unique style of play

“We haven’t had the first minute that we wanted. It wasn’t a good start. We were ready, actually. We talked about how the first 10-15 minutes were very important, especially here, because they were trying to press high, and it was important. After that, I think we had a good reaction. We could’ve scored one or two goals in the first half; I don’t remember now. We tried to attack a little bit. The way we were pressing during halftime and tried to make sure to have more options. I think the team in the first half wasn’t competing as we wanted, and I told them that I think we can have a good reaction in the second half.”


On Brittany Ratcliffe and her role

“She is very competitive. She’s always training very good — hard working. She’s helping us a lot, to be honest. She’s ready to compete, always training to be better. Especially in the second half, we needed legs because they were playing with those wingbacks. In terms of defense, we wanted that help from Britt to Gabby. We also knew that they were a little bit tired, and we were trying to attack those center backs. We had space behind their wingbacks. Britt, she can make those runs in 1-v-1 situations; she is very powerful. This is why we brought her in, and she did amazing.”


On what he sees in Hal Hershfelt‘s game:

“She’s amazing. She likes running, and she covers a lot of space. For me, her performance is unbelievable because, to be honest, I wasn’t expecting it that soon. I saw her the first day when I came here to the United States. I saw a leader, and a player who wants to learn. I think she has a huge talent. For us as Washington Spirit, and the US also, has a good midfielder for the future. She can cover a lot of space as a No. 6, but when she goes high, she can have that last pass. She is also really good at finishing. She is helping us during the high press. Very happy with her performance.”


On the different ways the Spirit can be flexible in terms of how it plays

“We want to be a team who knows how to adapt according to the circumstances, according to the game, what is happening that moment. So, we need to be flexible to know how to press in different heights. We also need to know how to attack in different ways, in different shapes, in different spaces. This is what we are building — trying to have those solutions and then during the game, we can change quickly because every game is different. Also, during the game, a lot of things happen, so we need to be ready. We need to change very fast. That’s what we did today. Players are understanding very well, to be honest. I’m happy with how they are doing.”


Hal Hershfelt



On the early goal and bouncing back from an early deficit as a group

“I feel like that was definitely a wake-up call in the first couple of minutes. I feel like our team is pretty good at regrouping after moments like that. It was kind of what propelled us into the later first, second half, where we picked up the gear and had more chances.”


On the team learning different ways to win games

I feel like a key point that Adrián pushes with us is fluidity and being able to adapt. I feel like our game plan changes reflects that. I feel like it is really positive for the team because we don’t get stuck in one way of playing. He is teaching us to be soccer players, not necessarily sticking in the same thing every single time.


On her role and if she expected to score two goals in four games…

NOOO!!! But it’s nice. It’s nice. I’ve been enjoying it. I feel like honestly it is credited to the trust I have when I’m playing next to Andi (Sullivan) and Paige (Metayer). I know they’re going hold it down if I do get a chance to go up, and I feel like that gives me a lot of freedom to kind of creep up on occasion, so it’s been really nice.


On scoring her first road goal

It feels great. My family is actually here because this is actually the closest place from Mississippi that they can actually get to. So, it was a really cool moment to see them after the game.


Casey Krueger


On the early goal and bouncing back from an early deficit as a group

“It is a little disappointing to be honest, to be down 1-0 in the first couple of minutes. You never want to start like that again. But, again, we are going to learn our lesson from that. On a positive note, I do think it woke us up, one, and, two, we responded and responded really well. So, for that, proud of the group. The goal next week is to put a 90 minute performance together.”


On the experience learning a new role & first-year players finding great success early

“For the first question, I love it. It’s continuing to evolve my game. Hatchy (Ashley Hatch) is so great in the pocket, so that allows me to get a little bit higher and be more of a two-way back. It’s fun getting to the attack and help the team in that way. To your second question, it’s been really cool see the rookies ball out. They just came right in (laughter) — it’s been cool to see them step right in and fit right in. Not just fit right in, actually, but score goals and break records. It’s a credit to them. It’s a credit to the quality of the player that they are and how they seamlessly fit right in. ”


On the team learning different ways to win games

“To echo that, even just going over the gameplan today. It was this scenario for this, this scenario for this, this scenario for this, and this scenario for this. There’s just different ways we can breakdown the opponent, and he said, “You know what? It’s up to you. You guys are footballers, that’s on you to figure out and problem solve,” and I think we did, and I think that’s really freaking exciting. ”


On her assist

“I kind of found that pocket inside, was trying to play with my spacing and positioning. I found a good pocket, and I saw a good matchup with Britt. I know she’s very technical, so I saw it, zinged it in there, and let her do her thing, and that was a banger.”

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