Getting to Know Trinity Rodman

Washington Spirit  |   May 15, 2024

Trinity Rodman has made a historic impact since being drafted by the Spirit as the second overall pick in the 2021 NWSL Draft. In her rookie season, Rodman was not only named Rookie of the Year but helped lead the Spirit to a 2021 NWSL Championship victory. A year later, Rodman was nominated for the Ballon d’Or Féminin in 2022, recognizing the best players in women’s soccer around the world. And last year, she earned a callup to the USWNT in her first-ever FIFA Women’s World Cup appearance, starting in several matches. She owns the Spirit record for career regular season assists.


What was your first soccer memory?
My first soccer memory was playing when I was four or five and I would leave the field crying because nobody was trying as hard as me and we kept losing.


Who is an athlete you looked up to as a kid?
Kobe Bryant is an athlete I have always and will always look up to. His mentality was game-changing and he worked so hard on and off the field. He also was a huge supporter of expanding the women’s game in anyway he could.


What was your first job?
My first job was babysitting.


Is there a non-soccer skill you always wanted to learn?
I’d want to learn acupuncture, so that I could do it on myself. I could always be recovering and never be sore.


Do you have any pets?
I had a cute yorkie, but my mom has taken him over.


What is the song that always brings you onto the dance floor?
“Crank That” by Soulja Boy!! Come on now!! *singing*


Do you collect anything?
I would say my hoodie collection has gotten pretty big. I love being comfortable and you can never go wrong with a sweat set or an oversized hoodie.


Do you have a favorite sport to watch?
Soccer, because it’s fun to watch, and I play soccer so I feel like it is just natural.


What was your favorite subject in school?
School wasn’t my best skill but if I had to pick, I would say art. It was a way to show my creativity, and I really enjoy expressing myself.


Favorite pizza topping?
Sausage or pepperoni, but usually I do both. I also mess with a veggie pizza but sausage and pepperoni first, for sure.

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