Getting to Know Midfielder Heather Stainbrook

Washington Spirit  |   May 8, 2024

Heather Stainbrook is in her first year with the Washington Spirit after joining the team as a non-roster invitee for the preseason and earning her first contract. With her appearance against the Red Stars on May 3, 2024, she became the first player from Utah Valley University to appear in a regular season NWSL match. Get to know the dynamic midfielder with a few rapid fire questions. 


What is your first soccer memory?

I remember doing a 3v3 Tournament with a few of my teammates, and we won it. We were eligible to go to Florida for another 3v3 tournament at Disney World. I was probably eight, seven maybe.


Did you play any sports growing up?

Basketball and tennis. I always play tennis with my mom and it gets very competitive, let’s just say that. Basketball I was a point guard. I had the handles, let’s just say that. My handles were better than my shooting, but I was no Steph Curry.


What is your favorite sport to watch?

I would say soccer first, then tennis, and then basketball. With soccer, I understand it well and I love learning by watching. I haven’t watched basketball in a long, long time, but when I was in college my favorite sport to go watch a game of was basketball. We didn’t have a football team.


What’s your favorite way to spend an off day?

I like going on walks, and I also like catching up on the cleaning around my house. Most definitely a tidy person. I walk aimlessly – there is a park by where I live. I like sleeping in or taking a nap. I love facetiming my family, especially all my nieces and nephews.


What’s always in your fridge?

I love milk. Milk is always in my fridge – 1%. Honestly, salami. I love salami. It’s just a snack that me and my boyfriend always make. Wheat Thins, string cheese, and salami. It’s so good.


Do you have any pets?

No, but I want to get a kitten because I grew up with cats. We had a dog, too, but I had a lot of cats growing up, and I want my own. Hercules is a potential name because I think it’s cute. I’d have to see the cat, but I think Hercules is a cute name.


What is your dream car?

Probably a Porsche or an Aston Martin. I just like them.


What was your first non-soccer-related job?

I worked at Krispy Kreme in high school. It was only during breaks, probably for a year total. We were slinging out the donuts, me and my friends. We all got jobs there, and it was so hilarious. It was my summer going into college and then actually part of my freshman year of college during breaks I would go back just for kicks and giggles.


What was the first concert you went to?

I’ve never been to a concert. If I went to one, I think Rihanna would be good. Any country – Luke Combs or something.

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