What They’re Saying After the Spirit’s Loss to the Pride

Washington Spirit  |   April 29, 2024
What They’re Saying After the Spirit’s Loss to the Pride Featured Image

The Spirit snapped a four-game winning streak with a 3-2 loss to the Orlando Pride at home on Friday, April 26. Interim head coach Adrián González, and starters Paige Metayer, Tara McKeown and Ashley Hatch share their thoughts on the game.


Interim Head Coach Adrián González



On the team’s overall performance 

“We didn’t have the first-half performance that we wanted even though we had the first chance. We could’ve scored the first goal. I think it would be completely different if we had that goal, but we didn’t score. After that, I think we didn’t defend as strong, especially in our box. We conceded easy balls there, especially when they were progressing with some crosses there were free players in the box. Of course, we know that Orlando is a good team and we cannot concede those situations, so after that I think we improved a little bit and we did probably the most difficult thing. We tried to draw and score a goal, and we were expecting a different second half but again we conceded that second goal in a bad moment for us. We need to improve, we need to learn and I think today was a bit of learning for the team.” 


On Orlando trying to keep the ball away from Trinity Rodman

“Today we couldn’t find Trin and Croix [Bethune] between lines but also we need to identify that when we don’t find those players we might have an advantage on the other side. We didn’t have that patience today to have longer attacks, to try to move them a little bit more. We needed to switch maybe two or three times until we found that space but we wanted to progress very fast. I think we needed a little bit more time to be more patient and try to attack a little bit lower. We need to try and identify that because the teams are going to defend Trin, they’re going to defend Croix and the other players. We need to identify where is the advantage in that situation and try to emphasize those situations. ” 


On the decision to take out Ouleye Sarr and Ashley Hatch: 

“We wanted to change the situation a little bit. Hatch today started in the second half because we decided that. We also tried to make rotations because we know that the season is going to be so long. We have three games in ten days so it’s impossible to play 90 minutes in every game with all of the players. I think Hatch is doing an amazing job. Oueleye was also doing good but we wanted to change those dynamics and that’s why we brought Hatch. ” 


On the team energy after Hatch’s goal: 

“We had a good reaction, but I think sometimes we can’t be like that. Just reacting. We need to be a little bit more proactive and not wait until we concede a goal to react, especially here at home we need to take the advantage and have a little more control. We haven’t had that, and we need to improve. We fought until the end, even though I think it wasn’t a bad game, it wasn’t our best game. We could finally score the third goal with Hatch. I think that’s positive and the team is fighting until the end and for me that’s a good point.”


Paige Metayer


On playing a different role today

“I think going into the game I prepared in any way I could to help my team in a different way than I did last year. We’re set up as a team to play multiple roles and how to play together, so I’m willing to do anything to help the team.” 


On coming away from the game with a loss

“We all wish we could have done something a little bit differently, so it’s a learning moment for sure. There’s a lot of pictures to see, obviously conceding three goals is not ideal, but with that we had a lot of good moments, so we’ll look at the video and get better.” 


Ashley Hatch


On her goal: 

Hatch: “I’m pretty excited, it’s always nice to score- I just wish we would’ve been able to get the result that we wanted.“ 


On coming off the bench

“I had a conversation with the coach yesterday about my role for today. So from that conversation on, I was just mentally preparing to make an impact in whatever situation we were in. I was super excited for Ouleye to score that goal and give us the tie so I was even more excited to win. I was prepared to make an impact whatever the result was. I hope I did that, but it obviously wasn’t enough. So hopefully we can learn from this and get better moving forward. 


On playing a higher up position: 

“When I was talking to Adrian yesterday, he said there were multiple roles I could play in, so I was mentally preparing for each. When I heard the possibility I’d be playing the nine, I was obviously really excited because I feel comfortable there. I was just really excited.” 


On ability to provide a secondary role: 

“I’m grateful that the coach has faith in me to play multiple positions. I think it’s good to be able to play multiple roles. It’s been fun, it’s been a new challenge- and I’ve enjoyed it. I’m still learning different roles and there’s room for growth when it comes to getting more involved with the attack. That’s something that I’m trying to balance. It’s been fun, and I’m willing and able to play any position the team needs me to play.


Tara McKeown


On covering Barbra Banda: 

“She’s great, but going into this game we had a game plan like we always do on the forwards. We saw a film, and I saw the tendencies that she likes to do and just tried to take that away from her. I think she did have a hand in every goal, but it wasn’t really breaking us down. So, I think overall it was a pretty good job.” 


On being ready for the Chicago Red Stars on Wednesday

We have a 24 hour rule on our team, so we give ourselves that time to move on and reflect on our situation on how we can get better. By the time that we go to Chicago, we should be prepared for the next game ahead of us.”

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