What They’re Saying After the Spirit’s Second Win in a Row

Washington Spirit  |   April 1, 2024
What They’re Saying After the Spirit’s Second Win in a Row Featured Image

Ouleyemata Sarr


On developing partnerships to play the no. 9

“I’ve played 9 a lot in my career. Last year I already had good connections with the players around me. This year, it just keeps going, but in the 9.”


On her goal 

“Sometimes the easiest goals are the ones I miss and the hardest ones are the ones I get. I had a good connection with Trin [Trinity Rodman] and put it in the net.”


On connection with Trinity Rodman

“This is a connection we’ve been working on. There were talks during the week of having a celebration together, whoever scored but it didn’t end up happening. But that was a great cross from Trin.”


On the fans: 

“We want to thank them. When we’re tired on the field and everything this energy that comes from the fans we can really feel it and it brings us back up. For us after when we’re signing autographs and interacting with the people that are there to support us is really important and we’re glad we can do that for them.”


Andi Sullivan

On if she knew she’d be taking the penalty and her process 

A penalty is a set piece, so we have set piece roles and there’s usually an assigned role. I knew if we got a penalty I would take it. It helps, I like doing it that way rather than who is feeling it on the day and fighting over it. There’s a 1, a 2 and a 3.  It felt good. Honestly, a couple of us in training, at the end of training, hit as often as we can, even if it’s just one or two a day just to stay sharp and run through your process. It ended well.


On preparing for Utah’s press

I think our staff does a good job of presenting possible options of what [opponents] could do. And they’re also very good about saying they could be doing something different. They show us a lot of options of how they can press and solutions. Maybe they give us a suggestion here or there on the sideline. Again, our trainings have been so clear and our meetings have been so clear that I think we feel prepared and confident in ourselves that we have the ability to recognize what they’re doing, see what they’re doing and we have the options os love it.


Adrián González

On Ouleye Sarr

“She’s working really good. She’s working hard. She’s adapting to what the team needs. We think she’s a player that can give us a lot of high movements, making runs behind. Also keeping the ball, she’s strong. She can find players facing forward and send them the ball. That’s another advantage we have with her. I’m so happy for her. She’s been trying to score goals. Maybe she had easy chances in the past and today she scored the most difficult one. I’m having happy for her and the team needs her performance for sure.”


On Trinity Rodman

“Great performance, again. We know her potential is huge. Today we were looking for many chances against the fullback because we knew that if we could switch very fast, we would find 1v1 situations with her and also 2v1 with Gabby [Carle] too. I think we could find her many times just making those runs in those situations. She had pretty good crosses too. Again, I want to say, not just attacking, she’s doing an amazing job defensively. She’s helping a lot. Today with Gabby again, we know the fullbacks are sometimes going high and we needed those movements, just dropping a little bit and helping the fullback. Great performance again.”

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