Getting to Know Midfielder Hal Hershfelt

Washington Spirit  |   April 24, 2024

Originally from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Hal Hershfelt is in her first season with the Washington Spirit. Hershfelt, the fifth overall pick in the 2024 NWSL Draft, has started every match of the season so far. Additionally, she logged the first Spirit goal of the season during the team’s home opener on March 23.


A five-year standout at Clemson, Hershfelt finished her career with 99 appearances, starting all but two games, scoring 16 goals and adding 12 assists. She earned Second Team AII-ACC honors in both 2021 and 2022, with Third Team AII-ACC recognition coming in 2020 and AII-ACC Freshman team honors in 2019. Hershfelt played with midfielder, Croix Bethune, at the youth club level in Atlanta, Georgia and with midfielder Makenna Morris at Clemson.


What was your first soccer memory?

I would get yelled at because I would sit on the field and pick daisies and make a daisy chain, and my parents didn’t like that. A daisy chain is where you tie the daisies together like little links. You can make them pretty long if you try really hard, which I did.


Did you have a non-soccer related job?

Yes! I was a waitress at this Mexican-American bar & grill—Paradise Grill. Shoutout Marietta, Georgia.


What’s your favorite sport to watch?

Tennis – other than soccer. Soccer is obviously number one because soccer is the best. I like tennis because it is fast-paced, and I think it is so interesting.


What was your first concert?

I’ve never been to a concert. Someone get me to a concert! I feel like I need to go to a concert at least at some point in my life. If I could go to a concert, it’d be Beyonce. That’s basic, but she’s the best.


What’s always in your fridge?

Coffee creamer.


What’s your coffee order?

Right now, it’s brown sugar shaken espresso at Starbucks, but I have my little Nespresso at home, so I just make my pods and put some creamer in it.


What’s your favorite coffee shop in the DMV?



Do you have any pets?

I have a cat. She has one eye and no tail, and she’s perfect. Her name is Bobbi: B-0-B-B-I, with one “I” because she only has one eyeball.


Is there a story behind your jersey number?

I was 15 for a while and before college. I couldn’t get 15 here (it’s Jo Lohman’s retired number), so I went with the closest thing I could get, which is 17. When I first started playing soccer, I always picked 5. I had to move around a lot when I was younger, so when I would go to new teams, there was never 5 because it was a super popular number. I always picked 15 because it was a multiple of 5 and a safe number.


What’s the next place on your travel bucket list?

I want to go to Greece one day. No reason. I see everyone goes to Greece, and they seem to like it.


What phone app do you use the most?

Instagram or TikTok. I’m on TikTok often. When I want to look up recipes and stuff -TikTok. Lots of home decor, lots of recipes, lots of cat videos for obvious reasons – shoutout Bobbi.


What is your favorite way to spend an off day?

Sleep a lot. Hangout with Bobbi, of course. I take her out on the deck, so she can see the Great Outdoors. I usually will try a new lunch spot or coffee spot. Since I’m new to the area, I try to try something new on an off day when I don’t normally get to. And of course, I have to do all of my house chores I don’t get to on training days.


What is the most essential part of your daily routine?

I take my morning routine seriously. I wake up. I have to hang out with Bobbi – she’s in all of my answers. She’s my support system. I get my coffee, sit down and read a little bit – wake my brain up, then I can go. I’ve got to get up early, so I can wake myself up.

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