DISTRICT DIARIES: Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Washington Spirit  |   May 9, 2024
DISTRICT DIARIES: Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage Month Featured Image

In honor of Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, the Washington Spirit is celebrating the community members and leaders making change,  empowering others, and leaving a lasting impact on the DMV community through the latest edition of District Diaries.


Jimmy Lynn (he/him)

Jimmy Lynn is a dedicated change-maker committed to mentoring, giving back, and advocating for representation. He is the Co-Founder and Vice President of Business Development at Kiswe Mobile and serves as adjunct faculty and a senior advisor at Georgetown University.



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On AAPI Month: 

AAPI Month is important to me personally. I’ve been teaching and mentoring AAPI students from under-served communities in the DMV for the past 25+ years … trying to create a more level playing field. I’m proud of my Asian heritage and strive to share best practices and life lessons.


On his background:

I’m bi-racial. My mother was of Asian heritage (Japanese) and my father was of Caucasian heritage (Irish, French, and German). I lived 13 years of my first 16 years in Japan. I was fortunate to have a blend of cultures.


On how his heritage has impacted his career:

“It’s been a key part of my life over the past three decades. From my corporate work to teaching to mentoring to non-profits, I’ve also worked on raising the visibility of the AAPI community to board rooms and the C-level. A decade ago, I was part of an AAPI group that held the meetings at the White House with a big focus on the AAPI community.”


On diversity in sports:

“Diversity is very important to the sports world. The demographics are changing dramatically in the U.S. and sports teams have done a good job of focusing on growing demographic segments including Hispanic, women, and LGBTQ+. Asian athletes are important role models and can change the perceptions of many.”



Songmi Kim (she/her)

Songmi Kim serves as an Athletic Performance Coach at the Spirit and is passionate about increasing representation in sports and fostering diversity.



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On AAPI Month: 

“I think it’s great to have a month dedicated to recognizing and celebrating these specific cultures’ contributions to the history and society of the USA. I’m from South Korea, and luckily, I’ve experienced multiple cultures which has shown me how amazing sports can be in a multicultural environment. Sports bring people together, no matter where they’re from, and give us a chance to share our own stories.”


On visibility:

“I grew up watching Korean athletes like Ji-Sung Park in soccer, Se-Ri Park in golf, and Chan Ho Park in baseball. Their visibility gave hope and passion to a lot of aspiring athletes back home, including me. I hope to have the same impact.”


On building inclusive work places:

“I’m fortunate to work with such a diverse group of staff and players. We often talk about our own cultures and life experiences. This not only helps us understand, respect, and support one another both at work and outside of it, but it also creates an inclusive environment for all.”


On the future:

“The sports world is becoming more diverse, and we’ll continue to see that increase. I’m excited about the prospect of seeing more Asian athletes, as their performances not only have the potential to reshape recognition of our heritage but they also serve as role models for children from similar backgrounds.”

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