Celebrating National Girls and Women in Sports Day at the Spirit

Washington Spirit  |   February 7, 2024
Celebrating National Girls and Women in Sports Day at the Spirit Featured Image

To all the girls dreaming of working in sports: if you can dream it, you can do it. Women are leading and excelling in various roles across our organization, from STEM to photography. On National Girls and Women in Sports Day we’re shining a spotlight on just a few of the amazing women working on and off the field at the Washington Spirit:


Michele Kang

Michele Kang in sunglasses and a denim dress.

The first woman of color to own an NWSL team, Michele has become the global thought leader in revolutionizing women’s sports. Her groundbreaking vision is to create the most preeminent sports organization in the world with a high performance culture of winning on and off the pitch, training females as females and proving the commercial viability of women’s sports. She was selected as one of Sports Business Journal’s 2022 Power Players in Women’s Sports.


Azita Nejaddehghan
Physical Therapist 

Azita Nejaddehghan in a blue Nike zip up jacket.

My job as team physical therapist is to plan and coordinate the rehabilitation for players in the return to play process. With a player first approach, each rehabilitation is individualized to the athlete in front of us. What I enjoy most is undoubtedly when the player returns to the pitch and doing what they love! 


Breanna Biorato

Breanna Biorato in a neon green penny carrying camera equipment.

As the Team Photographer, I capture the Washington Spirit’s most compelling moments that contribute to the storytelling of the team’s journey. I create engaging content across all platforms, archiving, concept planning and more! I truly want the fans to feel like part of the team while also telling the story of the Spirit.


Cassi Peck & Rylee Learn
Assistant Athletic Trainers

Casey Peck and Rylee Learn wearing Spirit athletic apparel and carrying water bottles and medical bags.

As assistant athletic trainers, we are here to help support and be a resource for players as both people and athletes throughout their time with us. Our primary responsibility is to assess and care for the injuries or illnesses the players may sustain. From being on field during training and completing daily treatment sessions to working with players from injury to return to sport; our role looks different day to day but always keeps us on our toes.


Donielle White
Head of Fan Experience 

Donielle White in black pants, a black shirt, and a black blazer, standing and smiling on the pitch at Audi Field.

My job as the head of fan experience is to ensure that anyone who visits Audi Field has an unforgettable experience. My team and I handle all the logistics of gameday, including game themes, entertainment, safety, activations, and more.


Katia Rabinowitch
Player Logistics Manager 

Katie Rabinowitch in a black baseball cap and royal blue Nike quarterzip has two fingers up in a peace sign.

As the Player Logistics Manager for the Washington Spirit, I oversee all aspects of the player experience administratively, including player appearances, on-boarding and bonding events. I strive to create a fun environment that allows each player to own their craft on the field but also allows them to be comfortable off the field.


Kim Stone
Chief Executive Officer 

A headshot of Kim Stone smiling with a black jacket over a white top. In the background is a soccer field and trees.

As the CEO of the Washington Spirit, you’re not just leading a soccer team; you’re the captain of a dynamic and thrilling sports experience for players and fans! Your role is a thrilling blend of strategy, teamwork, and passion, where you drive the Spirit to be the preeminent sports organization in the world. Every day brings new challenges and victories, making your job as CEO an exhilarating adventure in the global game of soccer.


Mackenzie Isom
IT Manager

Mackenzie Isom in a black Spirit t-shirt smiles while standing in front of a crowd of fans.

As the IT manager I oversee all IT operations on both the business and sporting side. This includes all IT procurement, implementation and maintenance of all software and hardware, routine network and data security evaluations. I help find streamlined solutions for various business and sporting needs relating to data.


Mami Yamaguchi
Assistant Coach/Player Development Coach 

Mami Yamaguchi lifts her arms and smiles while wearing a red Nike quarterzip top.

As an assistant coach of the Washington  Spirit, my job is to facilitate players’ development and success. I enjoy working with our dynamic staff members and it is truly a joy for me to be part of our players’ journey and helping them achieve their goals and needs.


Songmi Kim
Applied Sports Scientist 

Songmi Kim puts her hands on her hips while wearing a red Spirit training t-shirt.

I’m an Athletic Performance Coach at Washington Spirit. I provide physical performance support to players (warm up, athletic development, gym, training load monitoring etc.) so that they can maximize their performance in matches. I enjoy coaching players, working with them every day, and watching their development.

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