Greetings from Doha – Day 6

Washington Spirit  |   December 20, 2020
Greetings from Doha – Day 6 Featured Image

Spirit Nation:

Friday was our final day in Doha. It was a day to experience the geographic beauty of Qatar as well as the celebration of Qatar National Day.

Our day started at the sand dunes outside of Doha. The players and I all got individual 4-wheeler dune buggies and we spent about an hour driving the dunes under the direction of our guide. 

Next, we went and rode camels. This was a major wish of our horse whisperer Sam Staab. You will see some great pictures and videos in the coming days on this activity.

Once that was done, we had a great experience where our guide drove the SUV along the sand dunes for about another hour at various speeds, angles, and directions. It was akin to a great rollercoaster ride – but even better. We were in two SUV’s and great music was blaring in each car so it was just a ton of fun.

We were then invited to a local coffee shop called Flat White where we enjoyed some beverages and desserts.  

Next, we went to the Amir Cup soccer match at Al Rayyan Stadium. After that, we went to our goodbye dinner. 

I want to thank Ambassador Al Thani, Fatema M. Al-baker and Meryem Guergaf of the Qatar Embassy to US, US Ambassador Greta Holtz and her team, our Chief Communications Officer Nicole Hawkins, and our players – Tori, Aubrey, Paige, Sam, and Dorian for all of their work and support in making this trip happen.  

As fans of our club, I hope you are as proud of our players as I am. They are the best.

All the best. 


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