Player Insider: Natalie Jacobs

Washington Spirit  |   September 1, 2020
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Alejandra Martin

Boyds, MD., (9/1/20) – In soccer, Natalie Jacobs is a jack of all trades. This is displayed best on her roster page, where she is listed as a defender, midfielder and forward. Displaying composure on the ball and having the utility to play anywhere on the field isn’t where her service ends, however. 

Outside of soccer, she dreams of becoming a teacher, another role in society where those who take on the work have to display utility as role models, educators and guides to life. Jacobs says she’s driven by her want to educate and impact the lives of children, the same way her elementary school teachers impacted her.

The Coto de Caza native has always had a place in her heart for teaching, which she said was in part due to her own elementary school teachers. “I always will remember my elementary school teachers which is also why I want to teach young kids,” Jacobs said. “I was impacted way more by my elementary teachers rather than my middle school or high school teachers.”

From a young age, imagining to have her own classroom and teach others was a recurring thought for Jacobs. She knew that being a teacher was something she could see herself doing, as she recalls making her sister “sit in her class” in the hallway of their home and teach her what she had just learned in school.

When talking about more specifics, Jacobs explained that because of the impact her teachers on her, that the perfect teaching grade for her would be 2nd grade, “Because that’s the perfect age where I can impact their lives,” Jacobs continued, “I think that when you’re so young you are able to absorb so much, and you are shaped by those who teach you each day.”

Jacobs sees teaching as something that goes far below just teaching them about a school subject. Her passion and dream of being a teacher would be to help those little kids be who they want to be, which was reflected in her answer to the question: Why an elementary school teacher? She said, “I want to be able to positively impact children’s lives so that they can grow up and be proud of who they have become.“

Jacobs summarized her passion and the impact she would hope to have if she were a teacher with the message she would want her still-fictional students to take away: “Respect others, be open-minded, and have conversations with people who agree and disagree with you.”

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