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Washington Spirit  |   April 19, 2013
Owner’s Blog: Why I am doing this Featured Image

Dear Friends,

Close friends of mine continue to ask me why I am doing this, why risk so much financially.  There are a number of clear reasons and then maybe some not so clear.  I got hooked on the Women’s game roughly 14 years ago when I saw the impact a few minor league players had on my young girls team.  Since then, I have had the pleasure of seeing many young girls and women participate in the sport and have seen the positive impact it can have on many many aspects of their lives.

There are numerous lessons that the girls can learn by participating in soccer and being exposed to the Professional Women’s game.  On the field this Saturday, they can see roughly 40 Women who are in the top .01% of their profession (top 1 in 10,000+).  These women are college graduates, exceptionally successful at their sport and successful outside of their sport.  They understand the path that discipline, focus and deliberate practice will take you down.  They are terrific teammates, model daughters, sisters, wives, etc.  They are vibrant, fit, strong and confident.  They come from a wide variety of backgrounds and preferences.

I don’t know of a better environment where this level of role models exist for our kids today.  By the way, there are a few things that most of us adults can also learn from the players.

On top of all of this, the experience during the games and after the games is also second to none in my opinion.  Our games will focus on possession, players will work hard off the ball to create opportunities for their teammates, the play will tend to be very fluid (not a lot of stoppage for fouls) and unselfish.   We will win, tie and lose as a team.

And then there are the post-game and off-field events when the players interact with the fans.  If you are at a game, take a minute to listen to the noise that is created when the fans are interacting with the players after the games.  There is a white-noise that is created and an energy unlike anything else I’ve experienced.  The pure excitement of the fans, the enjoyment the players feel, the satisfaction the parents feel is absolutely priceless.

I believe this iteration of Professional Women’s Soccer is going to succeed, I think we will have a league that the players deserve, the fans deserve, and one that the fans will benefit from as much as anyone.  Some of my fondest memories have been created on the side of a field, with my family, experiencing everything women’s soccer has to offer.

That’s why I’m doing this.

Enjoy the Season,
Owner, Washington Spirit

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