In this first edition of District Diaries, we’ll be celebrating the outstanding accomplishments of Black leaders in the DMV and sharing their stories throughout Black History Month.


Krystina Brown

A graphic designer and photographer, Krystina is a Northern Virginia native, Krystina serves as the senior graphic designer at Athletes Unlimited and also works as a photographer. You can check out her work here.



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On Black History Month:

“Black History Month to me means celebrating our joy, our uniqueness, and excellence. It’s also a time to celebrate the positive impact Black culture has had despite hardships.”


On growing a more diverse and inclusive soccer community:

“With Black players, there’s so much individuality I’d love to capitalize on and really just show them in a unique way that people aren’t used to seeing. Showing players from different backgrounds is very important obviously to showcase who they are as people, but it’s going to make them more relative to fans who maybe share a similar background. That’s how you bring more people into the game and create a better community.”