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Spirit Super Y FAQs – Summer 2018

Why Play Super Y with the Washington Spirit?
Super Y in the summers is a great opportunity for players to spend some time with a different group of players and coaches from their regular club team. Like anything in life, getting out of a comfort zone is good for personal development in whatever you’re doing. All of our coaches follow the curriculum set by our professional team coach and general manager Jim Gabarra, who is THE MOST EXPERIENCED professional women’s coach in the world. Jim has been a head coach of a professional women’s team ever year there has been a league in the USA, dating all the way back to 2001 with the WUSA. He has coached Mia Hamm, Abby Wambach, Mallory Pugh, and many other world stars of the game. We also don’t recruit. Outside of the U.S. Soccer Development Academy, we have no youth teams playing in leagues as Washington Spirit. Our Super Y coaches are not permitted to recruit or recommend anything to any player other than potential consideration for a Development Academy team, which is a very very high bar with limited roster opportunities already.

Where can I sign up?
For returning players from 2017 or any players on the top team of one of our U.S. Soccer Development Academy partner clubs, you can skip the tryout and sign up directly here:

What are the age groups?
USL Super Y determines the age groups. In 2018, the league decided to shift age groups to align with the upcoming fall season, allowing players to use Super Y League play to better prepare for the upcoming club season. This is particularly exciting for the younger ages where players are moving up the U.S. Soccer guidelines on field sizes and on-field player numbers. For 2018 the Super Y age groups will be:

Super Y League Team Ages for 2018 with the Washington Spirit
U11 – Born in 2008 (we will accept 2009 at tryouts)
U12 – Born in 2007
U13 – Born in 2006
U14 – Born in 2005
U15 – Born in 2004
U17 – Born in 2002-2003

Summer Training Ages Outside the Super Y League Teams
New for 2018, the Washington Spirit are offering age appropriate training programs for area players seeking to improve their game in a fresh environment; either where Super Y League does not offer teams in the younger brackets, or in older players where they’re seeking more to get sharp for the fall college or high school seasons without the commitment level to play games on summer weekends. Click Here for more details or to sign up for one of these other programs.

U8 – Born in 2011
U9 – Born in 2010
U10 – Born in 2009 (unless playing U11 Super Y)
Over 17 – Born in or after 2001

Where do you play?
With an occasional exception based on weather or other unforeseen field availability emergencies, we have booked fields for practices and games in 2018 as follows:
Baltimore – Practice in Baltimore County, Plays in Howard County
Maryland – Practice and Play in Montgomery County
Virginia – Practice and Play in Fairfax County

Will players have access to the pro team?
Yes. Academy players will have frequent opportunities to meet our professional players, will be invited to observe professional training sessions, and will receive tickets for our home games among other benefits. At a minimum for 2018 we have scheduled:

  • Pre-Season Meet and Greet Invitation to private fan event with our professional team
  • In-Season Private Fan Fest Invitation exclusive for our youth academy members to meet and get professional player autographs
  • Invitation to Player and 1 Companion to private Season Ticket Holder Meet and Greet near end of professional season
  • At least one Professional Player visit to at least one regularly scheduled Super Y practice session or game

Who will coach?
Teams will be coached by assigned Washington Spirit Youth staff, with emphasis on player’s personal technical and tactical skills development the primary factor. Teams of similar ages will train frequently at the same time and same fields in order to maximize opportunities for players to gain a range of experience as well as observed by multiple coaches. We are expecting most of our coaches from 2017 to return, as well as adding some exciting new talent to the coaching rosters. All coaches and the program curriculum will be overseen ultimately by our professional team head coach, Jim Gabarra. (Coaches interested in applying for Academy positions should use the Contact Form here)

What will my club coach say?
Super Y is a summer-only program that is designed to offer a fresh exposure to the game for individual players seeking to expand their experience. We don’t recruit players from Super Y teams to any other programs unless the player tells us they are joining specifically participating in an attempt to earn an offer to play in one of our Development Academy programs. Even then, we do not invite players to do so without contacting the player’s club director before hand to discuss the opportunity. While we cannot predict what one club coach might say over another, the point here is that we follow a code of conduct practiced at the highest levels of wanting to work with club coaches for the benefit of every player. Club coaches who embrace the opportunity to expose their players to new environments are usually rewarded many times over when their players return to club play in August with a new set of skills and thirst for learning.

When is the season and who do we play?
The 2018 Super Y season training will start the week of June 11, 2018 on Mondays and Wednesdays. Games could start as early as June 16 (depending on league schedule publishing). We will have games weekly with the exception of the weekend of July 7 and 8. All games should end by August 5th. This is all subject to change if mandated by the Super Y league office, but the above is our intentions.

How much does it cost?
The full cost of the program varies by location and age, but ranges between $700 and $850 – including any tryout fees. The fee covers basically everything you need except personal travel and personal equipment such as cleats and shin guards.

Baltimore U11 – $700 / U12 and up – $750
Maryland and Virginia – U11 – $800 / U12 and up $850

We offer payment plans for registrations completed prior to March 1 for an additional fee of $25. Our registration platform also charges processing charges for online payments, which can be skipped if you would like to register by phone or U.S. Mail.

What does the cost cover / include?
Your fully paid Super Y League program fee includes:

  • All cost of the program such as fields, coaches, referee fees, registration, player passes, etc..
  • Home and away game uniform, including shorts and socks
  • Training tee shirt
  • 1 full General Admission level Season Ticket to our 2018 NWSL season
  • Free upgrade of Season Ticket to match the level of an add-on ticket purchased in your household*
  • 1 voucher for 25% off 1 additional Season Ticket to our 2018 NWSL season if ordered and paid in full before December 31, 2017*
  • 10% off all additional ticket needs and team merchandise
  • Access to all the pro team meet and greet opportunities and special game events
  • 25% off other Spirit youth camp or training programs offered*If another member of the player’s household purchases a 2018 Season Ticket at a seating level higher than our entry level General Admission sections, the Super Y player’s ticket gets to “tag along” for free. This can become a value in $100’s if family tickets are purchased in a VIP or Field Side level!

There are no refunds for players accepting invitations unless a season ending injury or other medical condition is sustained prior to July 4th holiday, at which time a 50% refund will be issued.

How many players will be selected for each Super Y League team?
U11 rosters are allowed 18 players, while U12 are allowed 22, and U13-U17 allow 26 players. In order to have adequate numbers for all games, we always expect to carry the full allowed roster sizes. The players will compete for the game day roster that will be selected for each game day. The large roster size is necessary to accommodate absences due to summer vacations. While it may seem like a lot of players, we frequently struggle to get full player rosters during popular family vacation weeks in July and August.

Where can I learn more about the Super-Y League?
For more information about USL Super-Y League, click here.

Does playing for the Washington Spirit increase a player’s chances of becoming a professional or national team player?
Yes. Besides becoming the best possible player she can be by learning from the only fully professional women’s club in the region; the opportunity to be seen by coaches and scouts who can directly invite a player to the next level of opportunity is something that no other club in the region has to offer more than the Spirit. Be it from a camp to Super Y, Super Y to the Development Academy, the Development Academy to a youth National Team or Spirit Reserves team, and from any of the above to the NWSL professional team; all players in any Washington Spirit program will learn from, and be seen by, coaches who have a direct line of communication to each other at every level of play available.

Can I upgrade the Season Ticket that comes with my Super Y registration?
Yes, call the Spirit ticketing office at 301-591-0927 and a representative can walk you through available options and upgrade costs, as well as add-on ticket packages. Upgrades are FREE if you also buy a full season ticket within the player’s household. Those “add-on” tickets are 25% off through December 2017.

Where can I ask more questions?
Use this form to submit your question.

Contact Information
Program Administrator: Denise Caldwell
Technical Director: Jim Gabarra
Baltimore – Assistant Technical Director: Denise Caldwell
Maryland – Assistant Technical Director: AJ DeLaurentis
Virginia – Assistant Technical Director: Rich Shelton