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A-Z Stadium Guide

Have a question about a matter not covered here? Send us an email at fans@washspirit.com

Looking for a place to stay while visiting the Maryland SoccerPlex? Head to Hampton Inn & Suites – Washington DC North Gaithersburg, the Official Hotel Partner of the Washington Spirit.

ADA-compliant seating is available in every seating category – please contact the Spirit at tickets@washingtonspirit.com at least 24 hours in advance of a game if you require specific accommodations. Companion seating is held on reserve from online sales, please contact the Spirit to determine availability and/or order. ADA access to the stadium is through Gate A.

Maureen Hendricks Field at the Maryland SoccerPlex
18031 Central Park Cir.
Boyds, MD 20841

Alcoholic Beverages
Beer and wine are available to fans  21+ from the time gates open until the 70th minute. All fans must have ID checked to receive a special wrist band prior to arriving at the point of sale. The Spirit, as well as our vending/concession partners, reserve the right to refuse sale of beverages to anyone who appears intoxicated or is without valid ID. There is a two drink limit per purchase.

Service animals are the only animals permitted at the Maryland SoccerPlex, with the exception of Boyd, a working member of the SoccerPlex field maintenance staff.

Washington Spirit players are available to sign autographs from the field level after every regular season home game approximately 20 minutes after the final whistle (once they finish their cool down stretching and hydration). Visiting team players will only be available at their own discretion. Guests are reminded that they must wait until the final whistle blows to make their way toward the lower railing of our seated areas to seek autographs. Guests should be respectful of both the players and the other patrons at all times. Autographs are NOT guaranteed.

It is team policy for players to not give autographs at any other point on game day. Fans are kindly asked not to seek out players outside the stadium, and reminded that the area “behind” the Discovery Sports Center building and our stadium is restricted to media and staff only.

All items that are allowed into the stadium will be inspected. Purses, diaper bags, backpacks, and camera bags will be permitted into the stadium, but items must fit into a 16” x 16” x 8” box. Bags on wheels are prohibited.

The Spirit welcome fan support in the form of handmade banners and signs. Banners may be hung from the front railing of sections so long as they do not block any fans’ view, and are the responsibility of their owner to remove after the game. Banners are subject to confiscation if the content is commercial, political, and/or in bad taste according to the Spirit’s discretion. The Spirit reserves the right to remove any banner at any time. Banners or signs must be made of a light, flexible material, such as paper or cloth, and cannot be made of wood, metal or other inflexible materials that could be dangerous in a public setting.

Spirit games other than ones scheduled as the Lifetime Game of the Week, are available on the Verizon Go90 App or Go90.com. Lifetime Game of the Week games home and away are on the Lifetime TV network and available on-demand wherever Lifetime TV content is available.

Guests may bring cameras into the stadium provided they do not require a stand such as a tri-or-monopod and the lens does not exceed 300mm. Attendees may not reproduce any shots for any commercial use without the written permission from the Washington Spirit. Video recording is permitted, so long as it is not used to reproduce the game.

Chairs / Cushions
Fans are allowed to bring in seat cushions and seat cushions with backrests, provided that they are no wider than 18-inches and do not impede the surrounding seats or leg room of other fans. Chairs with legs of any length are strictly prohibited. Blankets are allowed, but may not be used to “claim extra space” in a way that keeps other fans from viewing the game as well.

Children under the age of four (4) do not require a ticket, so long as they will not require their own seat and will sit in the lap of a parent or guardian.

Fan Code of Conduct
Proper behavior is expected from all of our guests. Offensive language, including racial or sexist comments; or other intimidating actions will not be tolerated and are grounds for removal. Please refrain from throwing objects on the playing field, entering the playing field, blowing whistles, and interfering with the flow of the game. Violators will be ejected from the stadium and subject to arrest.

First Aid
Paramedic units are on duty during each game. Please contact a member of the Spirit game day staff if you require medical assistance.

Food and Drink
Outside food and drink is not permitted, including water bottles. Exceptions will be made for individuals with specific food allergies or medical conditions; please contact the Spirit in advance at tickets@washingtonspirit.com for exceptions.

There is a wide selection of food and drink available at Spirit games, including light snacks, funnel cakes, barbecue, pizza, hot dogs and ice cream. We will have a complete vendor list as the next season approaches.

Gate Opening Times
Gates open one hour prior to kickoff. In the event of a doubleheader with the Spirit Reserves, gates will open one hour prior to the earlier game, and remain open between games.

General Safety
Guests attending games do so at their own risk, and should be alert for balls and other objects that may leave the field of play and enter the stands. Please report all injuries, accidents or illnesses to the nearest game-day staff member, and do not leave the stadium without reporting injuries.

Military Discount
The Spirit are proud to be in an area populated with many dedicated military personnel. As a way of “thanks,” all active duty military personnel and their families are welcome to a 10% discount off face value tickets at the box office or by ordering in advance calling the Spirit at 301-591-0927.

A wide selection of Washington Spirit merchandise is available in the team store.

Parking at the Maryland SoccerPlex is free.

Peanut Allergies
Some concessions at Maureen Hendricks Field may contain peanuts or have been prepared in a facility where peanuts or other tree nuts are handled. Email tickets@washingtonspirit.com if you need to bring in outside food to accommodate a food allergy.

MNCPPC Park Police staff all Spirit home games, in addition to CSC security staff.

Prohibited Items
No outside food or drink, firearms/weapons, lightsabers, noise makers, flags, chairs, coolers, frisbees, sport balls of any kind (deflated or inflated), or anything else stadium security deems could be used as a projectile.

Guests may not exit and re-enter the stadium using the same ticket. However, in the event of an emergency, guests should contact a gate supervisor, who may permit a guest to re-enter the stadium at the same gate. Guests who leave the stadium at any time, without the authorization of a gate supervisor, will not be permitted to re-enter. In the event of lighting, guests are required to clear the stadium to take shelter in their cars and will be granted re-entry.

There are restrooms behind Section 101, both men’s and women’s rooms are wheelchair-accessible. From time to time, temporary restrooms will be located on the General Admission concourse, but these are not guaranteed at any game.

Smoking Policy
As with all MNCPPC facilities, smoking is prohibited throughout the Maryland Soccerplex.

Strollers are permitted at Maureen Hendricks Field, but must fit under your seat if they are brought into the seating area.

Supporters’ Groups
Section 117 is designated as Supporters’ Area for the Spirit’s independently-run supporters groups, with the top 5 rows reserved for their seating. This is the only area where flags, drums and standing for long stretches of the game are permitted. As in all areas of the stadium, incendiary devices are not permitted.

As with all MNCPPC facilities, open fires (e.g. grills) and alcohol are not permitted within the Maryland Soccerplex. Fans who wish to tailgate otherwise are welcome to do so, provided they do not occupy more than one parking space. There are picnic pavilions within South Germantown Recreational Park (the park of which the Soccerplex is a part) just southeast of the traffic circle, which have permanently installed grills that fans may use, provided that those facilities are not reserved by other parties. The shelters may be booked for guaranteed, exclusive use through montgomeryparks.org.

As a matter of Maryland Soccerplex policy, umbrellas are not permitted within the stadium. If rain looks likely, fans are encouraged to bring jackets or ponchos.

The Spirit will play rain or shine. In the event of lightning before, during, or after a game, the Maryland Soccerplex’s state-of-the-art lightning detection system alerts fans and players of any threat. If it detects a lightning strike within a 10-mile radius of the stadium, a single 15-second horn will sound, at which time all fans must clear the stadium and head to their vehicles for safety. The stadium is not covered, and there is not a safe place for fans to gather to wait out a storm. Fans are not permitted inside the Discovery Sports Center during a lightning delay either. Once 15 contiguous minutes have passed with no strikes detected within the 10-mile radius, an “all clear” horn will sound consisting of three five-second blasts. From that point, fans may return to the stadium with their original ticket. If any such delay happens within 20 minutes of the start of the game, the teams will require a 20-minute warm-up before play begins or resumes. There is an 11 p.m. curfew on the stadium lights, by which time any game must have concluded and fans must leave the stadium area. Weather may also impact the ability for certain planned Youth Group Experiences, special guests or special events from taking place as planned.

Youth Experiences
There are a limited number of on-field youth experiences available for each game to groups coming to Spirit games, including half-time mini-games, bench warmers, player escorts, and ball kids. There is no additional fee to participate, but bookings do have minimum group size requirements. For further details or to book your group, please contact tickets@washingtonspirit.com or your Spirit ticketing representative.