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2015 Season Ticket FAQs

Season Ticket Info 2015


Q: When do Season Tickets go on sale?
A: Season Tickets will go on sale in October, we will announce the specific date soon.

Q: What are the details of the 2015 NWSL schedule?
A: Each of the NWSL’s teams will play 20 games in 2015; 10 at home, 10 away. The season will begin in April and run through September. The extended calendar will allow the league to take a two-week break in June during the group stages of the FIFA Women’s World Cup. Another benefit is that there will be significantly fewer mid-week games for all teams.

Q: What is included in the Spirit’s 2015 season ticket package?
A: Season ticket holders will have tickets to all 2015 home games — the 10 regular season games, as well as any playoff games or friendlies that may be added to the schedule.

Q: What benefits come with being a Season Ticket Holder?
A: Season Ticket Holders will be invited to a pre-season meet-the-team event and an end-of-season gathering with the players in addition to invitations to various other events throughout the year. Season Ticket Holders can also take advantage of the Spirit’s season ticket exchange policy to ensure that they get maximum value and use out of their tickets in the event they miss some games (details below). Fans who order their season tickets by December 15 will also receive the 2015 Season Ticket Holder scarf.

Q: When will the 2015 schedule be released?
A: We do not have a set date at this time. Last season the NWSL released all teams’ schedules on February 7.

Q: How does the Season Ticket exchange policy work?
A: You may trade in unused tickets from your season ticket package to get additional tickets to bring guests to another game. You may redeem up to twice as many seats as you hold (e.g. if you have two season tickets, you may use the season ticket exchange to get four additional tickets, a total of six to a game). We will do our best to get the additional seats as close to yours as possible, if available. Please call the Spirit sales and service staff at 301-337-8579 when you wish to take advantage of this benefit.

Q: I am a returning Season Ticket Holder. How long do I have to decide to renew?
A: All 2014 Season Ticket Holders’ seats will be held for them until December 15, at which time, those specific seats will become available to other fans. You may, of course, renew at any time prior to the 2015 season, but after the drop date, we cannot guarantee the same seats you had in 2014.

Q: Can I add seats to my current location?
A: If those seats are currently available, absolutely you can. If they are currently held by other Season Ticket Holders, they will have until December 15 to renew, at which time those seats will become available.

Q: The seats I want are not available online, what gives?
A: Seats enjoyed by 2014 Season Ticket Holders will be blocked from online sales in order to make sure that those fans have an opportunity to renew them. Another area blocked from online sales are the companion seats adjacent to the wheelchair wells in sections 102-105. To renew your held seats or for ADA companion season tickets, please call the Spirit sales office at 301-337-8579.

Q: How come the top row of most sections is more expensive than the others?
A: The top rows of sections at Hendricks Field are the only seats with backs installed and, as such, are considered premium.

Q: How long will Early Bird pricing be in effect?
A: Early Bird pricing will be active until January 15, 2015, at which time all season tickets will be available at the full standard price.

Q: What are the season ticket prices?
A: See below:

Field Side Reserved
Early Bird – $450
Standard Price – $500

VIP Midfield Reserved
Early Bird – $325
Standard Price – $350

Premium Reserved
Early Bird – $260
Standard Price – $280

Early Bird – $200
Reserved – $210

General Admission
Early Bird – $150
Reserved – $170