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2017 Season Ticket FAQs


2017 Season Ticket Rates and Seating

Season Ticket Member Benefits

  • Best per-game price available on 2017 tickets
  • Includes tickets to pre-season games
  • Invitation to a pre-season meet-the-team event
  • Invitation to end-of-season gathering with the players
  • Free Ticket Exchanges of un-used tickets to select future games
  • Free Ticket Transfer Program for for games
  • Stadium entrance at Gate A
  • Access to select game day Special Event Areas
  • Priority seating selection and ticket add-ons to any hosted playoff games
  • 2017 Season Ticket Holder Scarf
  • 10% discount on Spirit merchandise on game days at the team store
  • 10% discount on Spirit merchandise at NWSLshop.com

Q: When Will I Receive My Tickets?
A: Printed Season Tickets will be ready for pickup in early March 2017 and made available at our office during office hours, at the pre-season meet-the-team event, at the Will Call window at any pre-season games, and other select pre-season events. Once the official home schedule is announced, Season Ticket may also be printed directly from your account on our new ticketing system.

Q: How Can I Give Season Tickets as a Holiday Gift?
A: While tickets won’t be available for printing in time for the 2016 holiday season, your Washington Spirit Ticket Sales Manager can provide you with a personalized certificate of purchase to print and provide the lucky soccer fans in your life with something tangible to open as a gift.

Q: What are the details of the 2017 Spirit schedule?
A: The details of next year’s schedule are still being confirmed. Our pre-season will start in March and the regular season will run from April through the end of September, and possibly early October. We are expected host more than 10 games in 2017, an increase over 2016.

Q: What benefits come with being a Season Ticket Holder?
A: Please refer to the list of benefits at the top of this page. In addition, we will always consider how our Season Ticket holders can benefit first and foremost for any yet-to-be-created offerings or programs we create throughout the season.

Q: What happened to the General Admission Flex Pack?**
A: The unrestricted flexibility of the General Admission Flex Packs created a lot of problems for us in predicting actual numbers of fans showing up to each game, as well as several other logistics issues that had a negative impact on fans’ ticket buying and attendance experience. With the reduction of available General Admission seating areas for our most popular games, exchange policies for Season Ticket Holders, and the ability for fans to manage tickets in their own accounts on our new ticketing system, we believe many fans will be able to enjoy significant flexibility in our new General Admission Season Ticket packages rivaling the freedom of the Flex Packs, while giving us more predictability and expected attendance and making the overall experience more positive for fans.

Q: How does the Season Ticket exchange/transfer policy work?**
A: Season Tickets that go unused for any game may be exchanged for an equal or lesser value to any future regular season game in the same season that is not marked as “Marquee”. All exchanges for these eligible non-marquee games must be completed 5 business days before the game. Unused tickets can only be exchanged once, meaning if they are exchanged for a future game, and then go un-used again, they may not be exchanged a second time.

Q: I am a returning Season Ticket Holder. How long do I have to decide to renew and still keep the same seating location?
A: All 2016 Season Ticket Holders’ seats will be held until January 6, 2017, at 5 p.m. ET.

Q: I am a returning Season Ticket holder. Can I add seats next to my 2016 seat location?
A: Yes, as long as those seats are currently available. However, if they are currently held by another 2016 Season Ticket Holder, your Ticket Manager can take a deposit and put you on a waitlist until such time as you’re at the top of that list, AND the other Season Ticket Holder either informs us they do not want the seat(s) in question, OR January 6, 2017 at 5:01 p.m. ET, whichever comes first. If you wish, at the same time, your Ticket Manager can reserve the total quantity of alternative seats you’re seeking as backup in the event the seat(s) you wanted to add-on do not become available. In this “backup” scenario, if the new seat(s) you wanted to add in addition to your 2016 seat(s) never become available, we would execute the sale on the backup location and release your 2016 seats at 6:00 p.m. ET, January 6, 2017.

Q: The seats I want are not available online, what should I do?
A: Seats enjoyed by 2016 Season Ticket Holders will be blocked from online sales until those fans either inform us they do not wish to renew, they select different seats, or until 5:01 p.m. ET, January 6, 2017. Any assigned seating areas in sections 114-117 will only be made available for purchase to certain individual games (though, once the schedule is announced, Season Ticket Holders may utilize our Transfer Program to move seats to one of those sections at least five business days prior to said game). Another area blocked from online sales is the companion seats adjacent to the wheelchair wells in sections 102-105. To renew your held seats or for ADA companion season tickets, please call the Spirit sales office at 301-591-0927.

Q: Why are the top rows of the Reserved sections more expensive in some sections?
A: The top rows of sections 101-103 and 108-110 have “backs” built in, which is a highly desirable feature, so we’ve priced them all the same as our Premium seating sections.

Q: As a new Season Ticket Holder, if I filled out the priority form and put down a deposit, what is the next step?
A: Once returning Season Ticket Holders have been contacted, and before seats go on sale to the general public, we’ll be calling you in the order we receive these form submissions so you can select your seating location and complete your purchase.

Q: How long will Early Bird pricing be in effect?
A: Early Bird pricing will be active until 12 p.m., January 9, 2017, at which time all season tickets will be available at the full standard price. Fans who’ve only put down a deposit must also pay in full by this time in order to receive the early bird rate.

Q: What are the season ticket prices?
A: See below:

Field Side
Early Bird – $565
Standard Price – $630

Early Bird – $395
Standard Price – $445

Early Bird – $325
Standard Price – $360

Early Bird – $245
Standard Price – $270

Early Bird – $195
Standard Price – $215

Q: Why does your seating chart show a “range” of ticket pricing for individual games?
A: For 2017, our new ticketing system enables us to follow suit with most professional sports venues by allowing some pricing to fluctuate according to demand. However, rather than enable a full “variable price” option with wide limits, we’ll be keeping all regular season pricing with the range shown on the seating chart regardless of the demand.

Q: Any way you can get those prices a little lower?
A: Yes, with Groups and Partnerships. Any group purchase of Season Tickets of 11 or more seats will receive a 10% discount. We also offer discounted Season Ticket packages as part of several types of Partnership or Sponsorship offerings. Please call your Washington Spirit Ticket Sales Manager for details.