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Audi Field FAQ


This guide should answer questions for Washington Spirit Season Ticket holders and all fans about how we will proceed with sales for our historic game on August 25, 2018. It will be a game of many firsts:

  • The first professional women’s soccer game played at Audi Field, the new home of Major League Soccer club D.C. United, the most decorated professional men’s team in U.S. history
  • The first professional women’s soccer game held in the District of Columbia since 2010
  • The first National Women’s Soccer League game held in the District of Columbia ever
  • The first time two former icons of professional women’s soccer in the District of Columbia return – Jim Gabarra (coached the Washington Freedom) and Briana Scurry (played for the U.S. Women’s National Team and Washington Freedom, returning as a coach for the Washington Spirit)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the August 25 game at Audi Field included in my Washington Spirit Season Ticket package?
Yes, all 2018 Washington Spirit Full Season Ticket Packages include our August 25 game at Audi Field. You will have a credit on your D.C. United / Audi Field account to use towards tickets and can add-on as many additional tickets as you like for $10 off planned public sale prices per ticket during the presale.

Is the August 25 game at Audi Field included in D.C. United Season Ticket packages?
No, but D.C. United Season Ticket Members do have access to our Phase 1 Presale and also receive $10 off planned public sale prices per ticket.

Where can I sit if I’m a D.C. United or Washington Spirit Season Holder?
Washington Spirit and D.C. United Season Ticket Holders will have first come first serve seating choices in any available section of Audi Field. Washington Spirit Season Ticket holders will be credited with the amount needed (included taxes) to get your equivalent seat at Audi Field as follows (view sections here: http://audifield.io-media.com/web/index.html)

Spirit Season Ticket Level = Audi Field Sections Credit Amounts Provided (with $10 per ticket discount built in)

Field Side = $148.05 per seat in Field Side sections

VIP = $95.18 per seat in Club Level sections

Premium = $58.17 in rows 4-11 of sections 126, 127, 128

Standard = $52.88 in rows 1-8 of sections 125 and 129 and rows 12 of sections 126, 127, 128

General Admission = $21.15 in sections 137 and 138

What if I am a Spirit Season I don’t want to sit in one of the sections you’ve set aside above?
That is fine, you can sit anywhere and use the credit provided towards the cost of a higher level ticket.

How do Season Ticket Holders Order Tickets?
Here is the process for Washington Spirit Season Ticket holders to select seats and order more tickets if desired throughout all phases. If you are BOTH a Washington Spirit and D.C. United Season Ticket holder, you need to follow this process too:

  1. Your account information should have been added to DCUnited.com/accountmanager
  2. From the Account Manager page, click the blue “Forgot Password?” and enter the email address used to buy your Washington Spirit tickets.
  3. Check that email address (look in SPAM or JUNK folders if you don’t find it and add DCUCustomerServices@DCUnited.com to your contacts for the future) and click the blue “Reset Your Password” button in the email
  4. Enter the password you would like to use and submit it.
  5. When you get the confirmation message to return to the previous browser to sign in, just go to DCUnited.com/accountmanager again.
  6. Enter your email address and password
  7. You should see your D.C. United Account Manager home page. Your account balance should read $0, but do not worry, if you’re a Washington Spirit Season Ticket Holder there will be a credit available to apply during the checkout phase.
  8. Click “Buy Tickets” at the top of the page
  9. You should see the Washington Spirit vs. Portland Thorns FC game on August 25. Click “Continue” to the right of the game listing
  10. You should see a seat map of Audi Field (you may need to enable Flash) – or – there is an option to let D.C. United pick the seats for you in a “Best Available” for your price range. All prices you see include the 5.75% tax charged in the District of Columbia.
  11. As you place tickets in your cart, your Washington Spirit Season Ticket credit amount WILL NOT appear. This will be available for you to apply during the checkout step. You do not have to select seats in the same category as your Washington Spirit Season Tickets. The credit we’ve applied is there for you to use however you like, which can be towards a more expensive seat, or towards multiple lower priced seats.
  12. Once you’ve selected your seats, click “add to cart”
  13. Choose your “Select Delivery” method of Mobile. (Note Audi Field is Mobile-Only ticketed venue, there are no printable bar coded tickets like we have for the Spirit. If you do not have a mobile device, you will have to pick up your tickets to enter on game day at the Audi Field Box Office.)
  14. If you have a credit for Washington Spirit Season Ticket(s), you can select to use that credit towards your checkout, or you can leave it on file for later use.
  15. Click the black “checkout” button
  16. If you added tickets that exceed your credit amount, you’ll need to complete the payment process

I already have an account with D.C. United, do I still need to need to follow the steps above?
Yes. In order to keep the Spirit game separate from your D.C. United tickets, we have set up a separate account for you.


How do I place a group order?
Call the Washington Spirit Ticket Office at 301-591-0927. Groups start at 25 tickets for game attendance only. Youth Teams wishing to participate in a special experience such as player escorts or team tunnel may do so on a first-come, first-serve basis, with a minimum ticket order of $2,000.

Are there additional fees on top of ticket prices?
Yes. Similar to how we charge a service fee and taxes on top of Washington Spirit tickets at the SoccerPlex, there are also a service fee and taxes on tickets at Audi Field. The service fee will be higher than what we charge at the SoccerPlex because we are required to use D.C. United’s ticketing system – Ticket Master – under their contract terms.

I’m a D.C. United Season Ticket Member. Will I be able to get the same seat I purchased?
Only if that seat is still on sale, so it is recommended that you log on as soon as possible. For now, sections 101-116 are not on sale to anyone. We may open these sections at a later date, based on overall ticket demand.

I’m a member of a Washington Spirit or D.C. United Supporters Group. How do I access the pre-sale?
All members of a Washington Spirit or D.C. United supporters group with season tickets will have direct access through DCUnited.com/AccountManager. If you are involved with one of these groups and are not a D.C. United or Washington Spirit Season Ticket member, you can order tickets in the the to General Admission Supporters sections using this link and enter the passcode “Support” after clicking “find tickets”.

I’m a D.C. United Season Ticket Member and I really want to sit in my own seat, but it is in one of the sections you have not yet placed on sale yet.
If demand for the game is high enough, we will open more sections in the future. We recommend buying the best seat you are happy with now, but calling us at 301-591-0927 to let us know what seat(s) you want if we open your section. If we do, we’ll hold those seats and call you back to execute an exchange for you, plus any price difference. However, we cannot refund an amount if moving seats represents a down-grade in price.

Can I order tickets or get answers from my D.C. United Ticket Sales Rep?
While D.C. United’s staff is doing a lot to help the Spirit for this game, all actual sales and decisions are be handled by the Washington Spirit. D.C. United ticket reps will not be able to help you with ticket purchases. You can call us during normal business hours at 301-591-0927 with questions, issues, requests, and we’ll do our best. As this is the first single game of any kind available for public sale at Audi Field, there is likely to be a few questions we cannot answer, or issues that come up that are difficult to solve, but we will do our best.

Are the Spirit leaving the SoccerPlex?
Absolutely not. This is a one-off game that was possible thanks to available scheduling. The Spirit do want this to be a successful match, and if it is, we may schedule future games at Audi Field if the right dates are available in 2019. It is not our plan to move to Audi Field permanently at this time.

Will the game be on TV?
Yes, this game will be the official NWSL Game of the Week and will air on ESPN NEWS.

How can I learn more about the Washington Spirit or National Women’s Soccer League?

Washington Spirit Website: http://washingtonspirit.com/

National Women’s Soccer League Website: http://www.nwslsoccer.com/

Washington Spirit Twitter: @WashSpirit

Washington Spirit Instagram: @WashingtonSpirit

Washington Spirit Facebook: FB.com/WashingtonSpirit

Washington Spirit Roster: http://washingtonspirit.com/teams/washington-spirit/

How do I access my tickets

Download the D.C. United App available for IOS and Android phones or visit DCUnited.com/AccountManager.

After you Download the app, or access the dcunited.com/accountmanager website

Use the email address you have purchased your tickets with:

1)    Submit a “forgotten password”

2)    Check that email address (look in SPAM or JUNK folders)

3)    Follow the login process

How do I transfer my tickets?

Once you access your account, select the particular tickets you want to send and press the “Send” button. You will be given options to select how you want to communicate the transfer to the D.C. United fan you would like to send your tickets.

My question isn’t here, what can I do?

*Ticket Office at Audi Field will be open at 12pm on 8/25

Please contact the Washington Spirit via email here http://washingtonspirit.com/contact/ or try calling 301-591-0927.