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2018 Season Tickets

Welcome to the 2018 Washington Spirit Season Ticket program page! We have several new exciting opportunities, deals, and programs for our historic 6th season in National Women’s Soccer League play. The most exciting for us is the opportunity to reward our most loyal fans for helping us grow our Spirit Family. But we are also introducing several new features for all.

2018 Season Ticket Timeline


  • Last day to get a 2018 Season Ticket Holder Scarf with your order
  • Last day to guarantee a personalized 2018 Season Ticket Holder season membership card in time for Home Opener


  • Season Ticket sales ends
  • Unused $50 deposit codes will expire and not be refundable
  • Referral program incentive winners can pick up their team signed scarf and personalized team jersey at the game if not already done so during several pre-season event opportunities

2018 Season Ticket Referral Program

Our new 2018 Season Ticket Renewal Program is designed to reward our most committed fans for doing what you already do every season – help us grow the #SpiritFam

There are three ways to earn rewards:

  1. Earn $25 off tickets for every new Season Ticket Holder you refer in 2018: When you place your own 2018 season ticket deposit(s), you’ll get your own unique web address (URL) to share however you want in hopes of helping us find new season ticket holders. Everyone else who also places a deposit after using your link will show up “under” you on our fancy deposit page run by a parter called FEVO (yes, they’ll also then get their own unique URL to share so they can try to earn rewards too).We’ll track every person directly under you (meaning the ones that are connected to you on our FEVO page without another person between). As long as they weren’t already a Season Ticket Holder in 2017, once they pay in full, we’ll A.) Credit $25 towards any unpaid 2018 Season Ticket balance you have, B.) Send you a coupon code for $25 good towards any 2018 regular season single game ticket, or C.) We’ll just refund $25 if you’ve already paid in full if you prefer.
  2. Earn a 2018 Team Signed Scarf for any five (5) 2018 Season Ticket Holders: As you work towards earning your $25 reward for new Season Ticket Holder referrals, we’ll also reward you for simply getting any five (5) people (outside of your household) to commit to the Spirit for 2018. It doesn’t matter if they’re new or renewals. If you refer them via our FEVO page as described above, and they pay in full, we’ll get your 2018 Season Ticket Holder scarf signed by the team!
  3. Earn a Personalized 2018 Home Jersey for any 10 2018 Season Ticket Holders: Same rules as the scarf reward above, only once you reach 10 total people (outside of your household) to commit to the Spirit for 2018, we’ll present you with a customized 2018 Nike jersey just like the ones the team will wear on our home field in NWSL play.

More 2018 Season Ticket Program Answers

Question: How Many Home Games in 2018?
Answer: 12 NWSL regular season games, just like 2017. Our two preseason games are also included in season tickets.

Q: What is the $50 Deposit for, and is it due per household or per ticket?
A: The $50 Deposit locks in both your Early Bird pricing (if you pay in full or start the payment plan by November 1) and secures your place in line for seat selection. The $50 Deposit is per ticket, not per household.

Q: Is the $50 Deposit refundable?
A: No, but if you choose not to follow through with purchasing a season ticket, we will issue you a coupon code during the first week of November 2017 for $50 to use towards another type of ticket or tickets during the 2018 regular season.

Q: What is this “Companion Ticket” I have the chance to earn as a renewing Season Ticket Holder by December 31
A: This is a coupon code that will be good for 100% of the cost of a single game ticket to any regular season game of 2018 in the same seating category as your season ticket. Renewing 2018 Season Ticket Holders from the 2017 season can earn these for free, while all Season Ticket Holders will have the option to purchase more at a discount during their Season Ticket purchasing process

Q: What is the Payment Plan
A: Our 2018 Season Ticket Payment Plan is available for all Season Ticket purchase completed prior to December 1, 2017. It applies your $50 deposit towards a $100 per ticket downpayment, and then will automatically withdraw 50% of the remaining ticket price over two equal payments 30 days apart. Fans must begin their payment plan (or pay in full) prior to November 1, 2017 to preserve their 2017 or 2018 Early Bird pricing.

Q: Will There be a Flex Pack
A: Not at this time, but our liberal transfer and exchange policy for 2018 essentially makes every Season Ticket very flexible.

Q: What is the exchange or transfer policy for 2018 Season Tickets?
A: Season Ticket Holders will able to exchange unused tickets from past games or transfer tickets to future games at the Maryland SoccerPlex all season, with only the following limitations:

  1. No more than four (4) tickets may be moved from the same Season Ticket package into any single game and that game must be hosted at the Maryland SoccerPlex
  2. Transfers of tickets to games that haven’t been played yet can only be moved “forward” to any game that is scheduled later in the season. (Example: If today’s date is May 1, a ticket to a game on July 1 could not be moved to a game on June 1, but could be moved to a game on August 1.)
  3. No exchanges or transfers can be processed by our sales team on home game days or after our 10th home game of the 2018 season has been played

Q: Do You Charge Taxes and Fees on Season Tickets?
A: We charge the required Amusement Tax of 7% on all collected payments for tickets sold for the 2018 season. We also charge a $1 fee per ticket deposit received on the FEVO ticket deposit form to cover our fees with that service.

Q: Where Can I Learn More About Season Ticket Rules and Benefits?
A: Click Here or call us at 301-591-0927